Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Endorsement 2008

Amagomundi regretfully announces that we can no longer continue to endorse the anti-duck scarecrow owl statue.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Back in the Moustache Belt

So, we are back in the good old USA. Enjoying the Sabres' run up to the NHL finals, eating a lot of ravioli, catching up on season 6.1 of The Sopranos so we can start watching the series in real time before it ends, and writing thank you notes to all the lovely ladies who bought us lovely gifts for our baby shower.

You may recall our blog from May 20, 2006, re: Ducks. Well. Interesting anecdote here.

Last week we witnessed the dramatic beginning of new duck life in the back yard and were surprised to find ourselves at the center of a compelling tale of survival right here in the center of the Moustache Belt.

Our inlaws discovered a duck nest against the north side of the house, where Mother Duck steadfastly sat on her eggs for a week.

Then, on Thursday morning, she was gone. But we soon saw her emerge from the pachysandra with her twelve ducklings following behind.

Mother Duck had to find a way through the fence to Panzy's pool on the other side. She finally found a hole under the fence and coaxed her ducklings through.

Then: Drama. Getting to the other side of the fence was child's play compared to the difficulty of getting your ducklings out of a pool with a six inch rim. Mother and Father Duck found themselves in a suburban duck pickle.

That's where we came in. Using our innate human ingenuity, we fashioned a ramp out of a plank of wood. Will the ducks figure it out?

We encouraged them to head over to the plank.

Adding drama to the epidode, we realized that Panzy (our neighbor) would get home from work very soon. She doesn't like it when ducks put the "poo" in pool.

Amazingly enough, the ducklings finally figured out how to walk up the plank, but only after their mother modeled the procedure for them.

More drama: Two ducklings remained in the pool, while Mother Duck took the other ten to safety. Will we be able to reunite the Duck Family? We had to take active measures.

Skimmer net engaged. Ducklings try to escape, diving deep into the pool.

With the pool skimmer we released the two stragglers into the DMZ between Panzy's yard and the house next door, hoping that they might hear their mother's frantic quacking.

We release both stragglers to freedom and relative safety. We haven't seen Mother Duck since that fateful day.

Alas, we were sad to find out that the two remaining ducklings ended up back in the pool and drowned in the filter over night.

Exciting, huh?

This story reminds us: If you haven't read it already, you've got to check out this article on the evolution of duck reproductive organs from the New York Times. It will blow your mind. Seriously.

And, just as life begins, so it must end. As the guests were arriving for the baby shower on Saturday, we found Noriberto the squirrel on the front porch. Isn't he just darling? He looks so peaceful lying there next to the flood light. This photo was taken just before Noriberto was double-bagged and buried. Finding him was the highlight of the day!