Thursday, April 08, 2010

That Was Some DEEEElicious Rabbit!

Amagomundi staff spent their first Easter ever at their house in South Bend. Ironically, two days before Easter the house officially became someone else's. So, in reality Easter 2010 was spent in a rented house on Lafayette Blvd. Sniff sniff. Alas.

Ben wears his "muscle-apron" as he prepares to dye some eggies.

Amagomundi has found that when dyed, brown eggs yield a richer, deeper color. (Wax resist, Benjamin Ramon.)

Some of our finished eggs just waiting to be absconded!

Joaquin can't wait to find his basket.

For those of our readers who wonder how it is that Sam came to be so creepy, please observe Sam's mummy preparing to "fix" Joaquin's new plush bunny.

After the scissors/bunny incident, I hesitantly allowed this woman near my youngest babe. I made sure not to let them out of my sight.

Tutu and Sindo prepare to savor the most deliciously prepared rabbit known to man. Thank you, Sam, for being such an amazing cook. Thank you, Easter bunny, for the gift of your tender, savory self.

Headin' Down South Fixin' to Buy Us a House

After a long day of house-hunting we enjoyed a frolic in our hotel pool. Benny remembered how to kick, blow bubbles and hold his breath under water. He even successfully jumped into the water from the side of the pool a few times. His super cute swim instructors Kat and Madison made quite an impression last summer.
Joaquin seemed intrigued by his first pool experience. There were some curious smiles, but he also maintained a firm grasp on mom's neck the whole time.

The boys during their morning snuggle.

This little log cabin may be the only house we can afford in Chapel Hill.

Going for a walk through the Chapel Hill Botanical Gardens.