Monday, April 17, 2006

Why I like Pepperdine University

There is something wonderful about sitting in your office with one foot up on your Spanish dictionary, talking to your friends in South Bend about what a nice view you have from your enormous window.

And even if your office is in a mobile home trailer building, it's still a great view.

Is that a whale I see on the horizon?

It is also really nice to drive down to Malibu Seafood every third day to have a fish taco and a yellowfin tuna burger with your California beauty.

You are not the only one that really enjoys the view from Pepperdine. Christopher Columbus has a well known penchant for exposing his enthusiasm for Pacific Ocean vistas and Malibu tacos. He also enjoyed bringing his own beer.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

The Last Day in London

On the last night in London I went to La Cigala for dinner on my wife's suggestion. She didn't recommend La Cigala in particular, but she did say that I should go out and have a nice dinner and a class of wine on my last night in London. So I had a couple of glasses of Rozaleme tempranillo, a delicious ensalada mixta (with lots of rocket in it), and halibut a la plancha, which was served with curly kale and a surprisingly delicious anchovy sauce that I will most likely try to replicate when my inlaws come to visit for Easter. (Please don't tell my mother in law. She does not like anchovies. Oh, and please don't tell my wife. She doesn't like anchovies either. At least that's what she says.) Won't they be surprised! hee hee.

And while I'm talking about my last day in London, I think that I should mention that the Institute for Germanic & Romance Studies had the cutest little sink in their first-floor bathroom. There was no mirror, but the faucet reflected marvelously.

But now this conference is over, and I'm going to bed now in my wee little bed.

Kevin Spacey Tripped over his Dog

It has come to my attention that one third of the group formerly known as the Multiple Birth Canadians (the MBCs) are out of commission (that is, they are not playing golf this Spring) due to a mishap with a dog. I think that this is a good opportunity to spend a little time thinking about other famous people who have had trouble with their dogs, and to perhaps contemplate some of the bad decisions that Hollywood stars make when they trip over their dogs. I am thinking in particular of Kevin Spacey, who thought it might be a good idea to blame an anonymous mugger for his mishap.

There are no rules to blogging. So I can now post a couple of images of one of my favorite golfers. He never tripped over his dog and broke his arm, but he does like to golf. His name is S., and this is what he looks like when he putts:
Notice the golden dome in the background and the unorthodox stance.

Oh, schmak! I can't believe that didn't go in. Me cago en la leche!