Friday, August 29, 2008

We're not dead yet...

Hi there, amagomundi fans, if there are any of you still left. As bloggers, we know that we've lately been negligent, out of touch and lazy, and we apologize. As a lame defense, since returning from Spain at the very end of July the Mr. and Mrs. have been busying themselves preparing for school (which has gotten off to a swimming start for everyone), setting up child care for the dauphin, hosting a wonderful visit from Tutu and Sindo, and generally relishing every last bit of summer magic amagomundi can find. It's been a nice month. But, now we're back to provide our loyal coupla readers with more photos, updates and musings than anyone really cares for. Except of course the insatiable grandparents, two of whom are currently on their way to visit amagomundi HQ for a weekend of food, wine, art, baby and Obama zeal.

Here's a first installment summer recap which includes trips to Lake Michigan and the zoo.