Monday, January 25, 2010

Making More

As this is a family blog we will spare our readers graphic visual details re. the "snake" that Benny made in his little toilet the day before yesterday. As we took the snake upstairs to release into the wild (ie. the big toilet), Benny suggested that we take a picture of that one, too.

Today is day three of B wearing cute little underwear and not pooing in his pants. He rocks!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Highlights from Christmas in Pasadena

Here they are, in no particular order:

Playing in the creek at Eaton Canyon.

Sushi and sake bombs with the Yacoubians.

Travel Town rendezvous with awesome college friends and their terrific spouses.

A Benny and Harper reunion at Travel Town. Trains will always remind Ben of his long-lashed love.

Going around Travel Town twice in the baby train.


Barbara’s crop top sweatshirt.

Being able to play outside on Christmas day where Benny learned to roll down a hill.

Seeing Eric’s engagement ring. Hearing that his beautiful Roman surgeon has said yes.

Burritos at Puebla. Was it five times? Yes. Five. Thanks, now I’m fat.

Mostly parallel play with Ethan.

TuTu’s sick day. (More time to spend with TuTu.)

Benny and Grandpa’s conversation:

Benny, regarding his great grandfather’s fleece top: “I like your zippers Grandpa.”

Grandpa, looking the other way: Silent.

B: “I like your zippers Grandpa.”

G: Silence.

B: “I like your zippers Grandpa.”

Us, to Grandpa: “Say Thank You, Grandpa!” And raising our voices a bit, again to Grandpa: “Say Thank You, Grandpa!”

Benny: “Thank you, Grandpa.”

Grandpa: “You’re welcome.”

Watching the Rose Parade on TV. 72 degrees at 9:00 am.

Getting an extra cheeseburger at In N Out, watching TuTu eat it and wondering if she is going to offer some to us. No, she finished it herself. Okay, let’s take a hike up Eaton Canyon.

Regarding the snakes at Eaton Canyon nature center. Saying goodbye to the snakes in the Eaton Canyon nature center.

Two consecutive sunny days spent playing at Victory Park = two greasy green poops down Joaquin’s pant leg onto dad’s jeans at Victory Park.

Drinking excellent wine every night—each night better than the last—culminating with a fine Frogs Leap Cabernet 2006.

Having a martini drinking partner.

Discussing serial television dramas and cocktail recipes with John Carlson.

Walking to Vons. Everyday.

Cafés con leche at the Armenian Starbucks (Stararatbucks) across the street from Vons.

Roasted cauliflower with vinaigrette. Was it three dinners in a row or four?

Finding innovative ways to make vegan leftovers not vegan.

Jimmie and Benny inventing the flash light game.


Grandma’s Texas Jailhouse Chili on New Year’s Day.

Lemons in the bucket.

"TuTu doot."

The hose.




Big boy bed next to Papá.

Watching Joaquin suck on Amy’s face.

Gardening with Benny.

Spelling activities so Benny can’t figure out what we are talking about: Shall we go to the P.A.R.K. LLLLL YYYY? Shall I feed him a B.A.G.E.L. LLL YYY?

Benny “spelling” activities and adding LLL YYY to the end.

No M.L.A.

Sindo walking Joaquin to sleep. Was it two or three times?

Spotty Pasadena cell coverage gets us 35 extra minutes at Roy’s. (Not a highlight: Distressed TuTu is unable to get Joaquin to take a bottle and cannot get a hold of irresponsible parents. Highlight: TuTu maintains aplomb in face of rubber nipple adversity.)

Touring the grounds in Montecito Heights. Nice xeriscape, dudes.

The most deliciously perfect cat toy in the world: A mouse with a bird for a penis.


Aunt Betty’s New Orleans garbanzo stew for Christmas dinner.

Nap time.

One hour speed dates with Amy during nap time.

Taking a lesson from the dude whose car was struck at a busy intersection in Old Town. Laughing, “Reverse? Really?” The watching crowd fell in love with him.

Los Angeles Arboretum.

The Huntington Library Children’s garden. Benny working himself into a soggy frenzy splashing and playing in the fountains and stream.

Tullamore Dew with the Carlsons. Parallel play with Erik.

Ann and Keith, part time magi in a Prius, deliver sippy cup to Pasadena.

Uneventful unremarkable flight home.

On-time arrival at Midway. First completely silent car ride (both babies asleep!?) in two years.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Let's Go Sledding!!!!!

Team AmagoMundi heads outside after a 12 minute application of all our winter gear. Look! There's our little house! We're putting her on the market soon.

Benny really enjoys the wild tube ride, that is, until Ma & Pa (egged on by B's howling delight) turn into overzealous carny ride operators and Ben face-plants in the snow. Where does extreme glee turn into chilling discomfort? Right here, folks, at The Crossroads of America.

Ma & Pa take turns showing Benny how it's done on the hill. Here's Pa enjoying a face full of powdery snow during the ride and showing it off afterward. Same thing happened to Ma. Did a look of vindication flash across Benny's face as he looked on? Yes, we are fairly certain it did.

Benny walks off thinking, "This sledding business is for the birds. I'd much rather explore."


Ready for some hot chocolate and a face thaw.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Big boy bed

Big boy bed, originally uploaded by AmagoMundi.

We made Benny's big boy bed today, and he's enjoying a nap in it right