Friday, July 22, 2016

Backposting: St. Emilion

We've arrived!

Maison de la Commanderie: the charming hotel we stayed in while in St. Emilion is a converted 12th century building that used to house the knights templar. 

    Just down the street from our hotel. Each morning the boys liked to climb and perch on this little  stone wall.

View from the bell tower of the monolithic church of St. Emilion. (Click to expand.) We climbed to the top. It was nothing after climbing all those steps at Notre Dame.

Eating in the square at the base of the bell tower.  The service at this cafe was impeccable.
Almost as good as the wine. (Bordeaux region, y'all!)

A split second of sibling syncopation.

It's hard to get over these gorgeous views. The lavender! The vineyards! That sky!

More beauty.

Walking through the town's lovely streets.

Joaquin invented a drink: Schwepps with mint syrup. It looks like Absinthe to me. Surprising tasty.

Pausing on our trek in front of someone's house. Can you even imagine living here? 

Get out of here with all those wild flowers.

Walking through a vineyard, you know, like people do.

Joaquin got a sword.

Loving this town. (photo credit, Benny.)

FPGB represent!

A perfect evening walk.

More picturesque vineyards.

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